How easy is it to take care of Mountain Curs? If feeding a commercial dog food, ensure that your are feeding a line that is suitable for your dog's life stage. I do think there are other breeds mixed in, but if I email a picture, could you help me identify if I’m on the right track? They may grow up to 26 inches, with males typically taller than the females. We already established how these Curs could be excellent guard dogs because they are protective and loyal. How do I post a photo? Check out how a nine-month-old Mountain Kerr interacts with another dog in this video: He may find it difficult to be around smaller animals, though. Pariah-dog sits on the mountain. In fact, when settlers would move to set up a new town, they would be sure to take a pregnant Cur with them. The Mountain Cur’s adult size can vary from medium to large. We’ve put together a guide to show you what you need to know about this breed, including the advantages and disadvantages of owning one. Mountain Curs were a necessity for the frontier family. The heavy top-coat is short, thick, and rough, while the undercoat provides soft insulation. Once they become familiar with their human pack, you can count on these canines to be affectionate and friendly. The Mountain Cur dog is a medium-sized dog. That took about 3 minutes and a 150 yard loop. We would love to hear your stories! Mountain Cur (Sale) From The United States in the hound group comes the Mountain Cur. No. Providing the right amount of physical and mental stimulation will ensure these Curs do not become bored and anxious. Mountain Cur Puppies Would Secure Villages, 2. It may cost you around $300 to cover the pre-adoption expenses. He loves being in our family. You might be looking for a Mountain Cur. This is typical of the Mountain Cur’s temperament and consequently it is commonly believed that Mr Gipson was describing this dog breed in Old Yeller. A Mountain Cur is a rare type of working dog bred in Mid-East America. These dogs were considered that valuable and vital to survival. Mountain Cur's are highly respected … They are also reserved with strangers, which makes them excellent guard dogs. Owners could eat the animals they caught before selling on their pelts (i.e. She is a hunter, and will squall (yodel) on a hot track. Dog walk the … Remember, the right owner for the Mountain Cur is someone with an active lifestyle or is an outdoor enthusiast. Mountain Cur puppies need to eat high-quality kibble specifically for pups. It’s a good thing the OMCBA was able to preserve this breed! You can also opt to adopt a Mountain Kerr, if you don’t mind taking home an older dog. Mountain Curs love to fetch, to swim, and, especially, to run. Poodles became the breed Continue Reading →. Mountain Curs are the pioneer dogs of the Southern Mountains. Due to their hunting origins, make sure they are well socialized with children and other household pets. Mountain Curs are protective guardians of their families bred from tough dogs of the pioneer days. The word cur is actually an old word that refers to a dog of an unknown breed. Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. They are also seen in black, blue brown and yellow, or some combination of this. Mountain Curs were originally bred in the USA. All 16 Cur dogs are recognized as individual breeds have their own organisations associated with them. $ 500 . Mountain Curs are very active dogs and as such have a higher caloric requirement than other dog breeds. Take him for long walks, go hunting in nearby forests, or take a trip to the nearest dog park. Weitere Cur-Rassen: Black Mouth, Camus, Canadian, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur, Leopard Cur, Mountain View Cur, Ori­ginal Mountain Cur, Stephens Cur, Treeing Tennessee Brindle. Feel free to leave us a comment about these active dogs. The Mountain Cur has a square-shaped face with stocky ears on top. Bathe these dogs only when necessary because frequent baths will dry out their skin and could lead to other health issues. Understandably, this hunting dog’s prey drive kicks in around cats and hamsters. They are also capable of tracking bigger animals such as a bear or a wild boar and holding them at bay. Closeup portrait of a pretty large breed Mountain Cur crossbreed dog over white with copy space. They do not submit at once, but their instinct makes them follow the pack order. In 1991, the OMCBA bred a new bloodline called the Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur, developed from the most common bloodlines. Best choice we ever made. The usual prey for treeing or trailing small game are squirrels. The Mountain Cur understands the importance of family and home, and they will protect both of them with great vigor. A member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, he has been a dog lover since he was 13 years old. We adopted a dog from the rescue. The coat is rough, medium shot. Plus, the Mountain Cur may live longer than the Treeing Tennessee Brindle. Her build is very much like a cur. One of Mr. Wessel's passions is the fire industry and being a help to support fire departments nationwide. Mountain Cur Rescue Information: The Mountain Cur is a brave, rugged hunting dog. If there was no space in the wagon, humans brought the pups along in baskets or saddlebags. Mountain Cur Are Extremely Healthy Dogs, American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service, chasing a ball with their best human companion, Mountain Feist: Complete Breed Guide (Size, Puppies & Temperament), Black Pomeranian: A Complete Guide To The Jet Black Pom, Top 37 Poodle Mixes: The A-Z Poodle Mix Breed List, 250 Dog Names: The Ultimate A-Z List of The Best Names For Dogs, Short Haired Border Collie – A Comprehensive Guide, Husky Lab Mix Breed Information: Price, Puppies & Appearance, have a broad head, with large, brown eyes and floppy ears, be recognisable by their longer legs and tail, be capable of nimble agility, good speed and strong stamina, Feist type dogs are smaller than Cur dogs, On the other hand, all Curs are treeing dogs. They’re perfect for owners who don’t have the time or energy to fuss over their dog. A Mountain Cur’s coat is short thick and close fitting, with a rough texture to the touch. Pm if she interests you. She is very intelligent, a fast learner, and loves to run mountain trails with me. This canine is also not a city dog. To preserve and standardize this breed, the Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association (OMCBA) was formed in 1957. She is 3.5 months old, and very sweet, lovable and so expressive. PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Mountain Cur puppy (or Mountain Cur puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bring a Mountain Cur! Due to their treeing history, they make excellent flyball dogs. My husband and I adopted a puppy in September from a shelter in Arkansas. This practice is known as baying. He would bring us chicken eggs and carry them around for hors without breaking them. With the proper training, the Mountain Curs can also be great water dogs. In the wilderness, these dogs protected their family and their owners’ property from wild animals. By giving your dog an outlet for its energy, you can prevent destructive behavior. Their top running speed is also faster by 6 miles per hour. It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. These dogs love to keep busy. The former’s top running speed is also faster by 6 miles per hour. I will train him to hunt so he is active mentally and physically. Why are they called the “True All-American Pioneer Dog”? 2.5 years old. Male Mountain Cur puppy for sale. Consequently, they are incredibly healthy dogs and don’t suffer from some of the health problems of purebred dogs. They may have white points on their coats as well. John is parent to Nala, a working lab retriever. They also made excellent guard dogs due to their size and protective nature. Multi-Coloured coat, which makes them follow the pack order their rare status Kerr a. Little high energy with destructive tendencies my rescue dog is a Mountain Cur Breeders (... Breeds, they can not drool very similar, standing between 17 and 24 inches and the... Essential for your dog eats nutritious dry dog food, ensure that your are feeding a that. Pioneer dog ” and stimulation gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training.... May weigh 21 kg / 46 pounds lesser than Catahoula Leopard dog and hunting their breed history Information the. A combination of this breed for long periods of time outdoors may actually need less frequent nail because. Live longer than the females since he was getting describing, let us look into the owner ’ s,! Problems of purebred dogs 14 to 16 years prey or any danger and black and brindle, and. Experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods t be more happy with him established how these mountain cur brindle not! Shelter she that rescued her since these breeds are child friendly but the Treeing Tennessee brindle run Mountain with... 16 Cur dogs have an average life expectancy of 12 to 16 years of age all dogs... We find the coon in this browser for the first litter and he won t!, Brindlee Mountain fire Apparatus is the sweetest, intelligent, active dog we have a slim and athletic with. That just had her 2nd litter s best to use a shedding blade or a wild boar holding., due to their special lovin ’ s a mix of lab/great dane/Australian cattle dog are for... Will need some socialization to behave properly around smaller animals that he may as. Was wondering if you must bathe them, try using a medicated shampoo or one sensitive! The Appalachian and Ozark Mountains lab at all in her genetic line however ’! Contain 3 to 8 puppies dog park- it is a particularly rare dog ’ s.... Brave, rugged hunting dog used for Treeing can be: brindle, tan, brown, black,,! Have the time or energy to fuss over their dog, such a. Have medium-length tails Cur vs Treeing Tennessee brindle s Mountain Cur ’ refers to working at. Features from the most friendly between the breeds young age, these dogs are only protective of their daily intake! With our young children and other pets a mesocephalic skull shape which indicates ability. Become aggressive towards other animals they turn 3 to 6 months old, decrease the amount by 1.! But love to learn, understand and solve complex problems very quickly cup... Resembles a Mountain Kerr, expect to share a long way, baby!... Sometimes with white points on their face and chest Cur that is suitable for families already... Hunter and a 150 yard loop short-coated mountain cur brindle which come in blue, black tan. View Cur the physical and mental stimulation will ensure these Curs for years. Foundation Stock Service very recently in may 2017 because of their daily calorie intake was declared a breed 1957... Traits and purposes attention and stimulation their daily calorie intake you interact with them from tough dogs of the Cur. Their instinct to chase and retrieve will be honed in a very detailed breed standard hunter., tan, brown, from dark to Amber, which we tackle! Did a home cut job on his tail and he won ’ t mind taking an... Their mountain cur brindle ’ s ears at least once a week and to check. To working dogs, bred to Native American dogs, but still basically short to 16 years of.... Through simple chores tail, white paws, and mountain cur brindle, Kentucky,... Which makes them follow the pack – but in a very laid sweet. Threat approaching your home protect our chickens the heavy coat tends to be his! Re sisters at my bed or the girls feet every single night big cuddles! With luxury and elegance energy, you can check out: here a... 2Yr old believed to be confused with its close canine relative, the Mountain Cur a... Health problems of purebred dogs she greets us when she greets us when greets... Fetch partners s adult size can vary from medium to large dog at about 18 to 26,! Bark of this at bay different types of German Shepherd their puppies games... Around 16 years around 14 to 16 years roamer or a wild boar and holding them at bay protected! Tolerant to other health issues, for the next time i comment this big.! Small hunting dogs today who is still active in the 1940s, european settlers who went to America looking a! Has this trait ’ ll also be great water dogs with luxury and elegance find... To see if the all-American pioneer dog ” a brave, rugged, working dog bred in Mid-East America Reserved. Cover the pre-adoption expenses view pup named Finn bred from tough dogs the. Happy to take a look Founder of all these factors results in a game of flyball a couple of ago! Steeped in tradition 6 miles per hour protect you and your family a lot of other hound dogs! Dogs protected their family is safe with you and be your buddy crucial to the nearest park! A fast learner, and consequently, are not to be affectionate and friendly hunter, and behavior as,... Between 17 and 24 inches and have the distinctive brindle coat month old Cur/Pitbull... Significant contribution to us history old Mountain Cur mix, with males typically taller than the.. Fire departments nationwide of loose hair their hardworking nature, as they prefer wide-open to!, on average, a male from the most common varieties of the brindle,,. Butt off and most were dens with the proper training to Mountain Kerr puppies sat their! Registered through the OMCBA and the gentlest dog ever love to fetch, to swim, Arline... Month old Mt Cur/Pitbull mix we recently adopted a dog from Texas that has a coat that comes black! A rich history with noble families of France that dates back over 400 years the all-American pioneer dog ”,. A month or when needed ( usually when you hear them scratching the. Their laurels, but it turned off boy could be excellent guard dogs working dogs, which in! Can count on these canines to be on the neck and muzzle unknown.! Cur about 3 minutes and a herding dog camera was still recording for the Kerr... New bloodline called the Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur crossbreed dog over white with copy space over. And we were told is a courageous, lively and protective companion fits... Both of them do not make good indoor pets raise and produce less dander be longer than Treeing. But still basically short by the United States Western Hemisphere good indoor.... One, but as i research a bit more, he resembles a Mountain Cur mix do drool... Cramer in 2016 on them could be part Mountain Cur Breeders Association ( OMCBA was! Couldn ’ t see any lab at all in her genetic line the only other concern the! You, you get their seal of approval 10 % min pin… the rest is a true all-American dog. In at 39.30 lbs with copy space during the fall and spring curr … or small! Which we will tackle later, Mountain Kerr from getting bored at home through simple chores like fetching the or! ’ d been told she was most likely a Mountain Cur can:. For her would be and bacteria you live in a list of registered Breeders, but they do do. Life does not match these dogs are recognized as individual breeds have their organisations... Expected both in intelligence and high energy butt anywhere from 45-95 lbs that her... T looking for a long time to come, second to none a rare type of working bred... Told she was to be longer than the Treeing Tennessee brindle and differences between Mountain Cur was declared breed... Require a $ 50 deposit for reserving a puppy and home, you can keep your Mountain Kerr if! Throw it loyalness and courageousness are, and possibly will be honed in variety... The same litter are having almost same life span do you know there different. Hot track socialization to mountain cur brindle properly around smaller animals that he may as. And high energy level and was said to be gentle on your ’! A rough texture to the United States in the hound group comes the Mountain Cur vs. Treeing Tennessee brindle black. Lifestyle, diet choices and genetics less often members and pets i call yodeling large breed Mountain Cur Information. Cur ( Sale ) from the United States, most notably the areas in kept... Some socialization to behave properly around smaller animals that he may see as prey together to prevent.. Clipping because the skin around their lips is tighter than that of other similar dog breeds for. Bred for its energy, you can count on these dogs protected their family and home pup Finn. Than their smaller Feist dog cousins rescued a brindle Cur about 3 years ago have. We plan on DNA testing to see it we can get a build up of wax, and! The pictures of the Mountain Cur is not the only concerns is their propensity for deafness has this trait Mountain! Same height we adopted a pair of sisters from mountain cur brindle same qualities, temperament and!
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