Inside that brown base are dozens of long skinny black marigold seeds. I now have a cup full of seeds. Good Afternoon: I just joined this forum, can anyone please tell me how to store Marigold seeds. Proper drying is the first and very important step in storing the seeds. Mark unread; Skip to new; Mark unread Print Skip to new. In addition to the petals drying out, notice how brown the once-green base has also become. If you’re starting indoors, sow the seeds in a well-draining, rich soilless growing medium in a warm place. Best way to store marigold seeds; Best way to store marigold seeds. Toss any seeds pass their prime. ... Store the spent flowers in a dry place for a few days (or longer) so they dry out well. Throughout the season, but mostly in the fall, the marigold flower heads will shrivel up and dry out while still on the plant. Follow seed storage guidelines to best preserve them. How to Save Marigold Seeds Seeds are fun to gather for replanting next year! Cover Crops/Farm Seed Type Average Storage Life in Years Under Favorable Storage Conditions Alfalfa 2–5 Barley 3–5 Buckwheat 2–5 Calendula officinalis (aka pot marigolds or English marigolds): A native of southern Europe, this “marigold” is actually not a true marigold, but is an attractive companion plant nonetheless. Store the envelope in a glass jar with the lid tightly secured. Saving Marigold Seed. Not everyone has a refrigerator to store seed, and a shoebox placed randomly on a shelf in the kitchen isn’t the best way to go. Mojoquilter Wichita, KS(Zone 6a) Sep 28, 2009. condition of the seed prior to storage. Any info will be appreciated. Scatter the seeds on top of the mix, then cover them with a very fine layer (less than ¼ inch (0.5 cm.)) I gather them from the dried flowers off the plant. A fading marigold flower, ready to harvest for seed. 0 Comment Comment. Watch Reply. Recommended For You. Please note that all data is for raw seed. Thank … There are several ways to store and save marigold seeds after harvest and the most successful way is that being implemented by commercial nursery and planters. So what is the nursery way to store marigold seeds? 3. Pelleted seed, regardless of the variety, should be used within one year, as the pelleting process reduces seed longevity. Place the jar in a cool, dry place. Its bright flowers are edible—with a tangy, peppery taste—so it is often grown alongside herbs in kitchen gardens. I've started harvesting my mari's. Label a small ziplock bag or envelope with your variety of plant so you know what seeds you have next year. 4. More. How to Plant Marigold Seeds. Storing Marigold Seeds. 14 years ago. of more medium. mphoinix. Marigold seed … Place the dried seeds in an envelope labeled with the name of the marigold variety and the date. Humidity and warmth shorten a seed’s shelf life, so the refrigerator is generally the best place to store seeds, but keep them far away from the freezer. Simply pull off these dead head and allow them to completely dry indoors. So far I have a shoebox full!
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