It is NOT non-stick. Easily one of the worst brands I’ve tried. Horrible plans and did stick after following directions to a t. Did they season the pans? Same with their smokeless grill.. Had to stop using grill… Couldn’t remove cooked food without it sticking.. I bought one of these pans as well and everything stuck to it. Fortunately my cat eats his food from the pan now. Just return them. I purchased the the Gotham steel 10 piece set in dec of 2019 as a gift for my boyfriend. Disappointed. I purchased thinking that they were non stick and didnt need oil or butter. Tried to fry potatoes first they stuck badly. I had the same problem with Red Copper. Complete garbage, I have 12 pieces in my possession and items did not live up to expectations! Everything stuck the time I used it. I bought the square copper pan from the info commercial on tv. Yes I purchased 3 of them. On December 26, 2017, a complaint initiating a securities class action lawsuit (“Complaint”) was filed in the Court against Kobe and certain of its current or former officers, under the case number 1:17-cv-10085-VSB (the “Action”). Worthless pans. Then everything started to stick and eventually, we threw them out. No…. in total i bought 16 of these pans just to find out it was a scam. I bought a set and everything sticks; eggs, pancakes, etc. I have 3 of them and they all stick! Add me. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM I bought the skillet to use for the cheese omlets. These Gotham pans are not as promised, everything does stick. Yes! I made chili in my big pan, and there is a ring of copper missing at the level where the chili was simmering. One for my mom and one set for myself. I couldn’t even scramble an egg using butter. , I did call there customer service about the problem and they sent me a new set of 9 1/2″ pans, but in short order they too ended up with the same sticking results.. The 12and a half inch pan also warped in less than 2weeks. All of them, in the garbage, food stuck almost immediately, even though I followed the instructions, Please add me I bought 2 of them and first time using them everything stuck to the bottom of the pains. Exactly my experience as well. Practically destroy the food when trying to remove from the skillets! These pans are terrible! They worked at first, but within a month, they started sticking. I bought the whole set they all had food stick to them, I have a one and yes everything stuck, please add me. Yes, I too encountered sticking. I would advise never applying high heat. Same issue. FIRST WEEK barbecue sauce stuck and that was it… not cleanable … stuck on forever….. continued to use the grill after cleaning the best we could…. I purchased an entire set of Gotham cookware and bakeware. Next time I do major kitchen reorganization, these are going in the trash. I had high hopes for them after watching the infomercial. Also purchased one at Walmart last Christmas for myself. They didn’t last a month before the Pans were no longer non stick! Both were not as advertised. I have several pans the cookie sheet better than the fry pans. This pan is a rift off, you need oil so that the egg will not stick. She loved it the first time she used it but soon after, told me they were NOT non stick. I bought two sizes of these frying pan less than a year ago, at Bed Bath and Beyond they are terrible everything burns black on it and is hard to wash off, I am ordering different pans and throwing these away. I purchased one of these pans and mostly everything sticks to it, very dissapointed in this product. Did the oven season steps an things were sticking. Can’t believe I paid that much money on bargain basement cookware. Bought the second to make sure I didn’t ruin the first. highly advertised their product as the best non-stick pans. Food sticks to my pans. + I notice the coating wearing off/ thinning out and see dark flecked spots! Mine started sticking after less than a month. 19-cv-8233, S. D. Had the same problem. Eggs stick to the pan, nothing like what they advertised on their commercials. I don’t use them anymore.

After a month the pans stick anyway you use them. I was also fooled into buying one of their products. Extreme disappointment when they failed. The food stuck horribly to them. Yes. Please add me to the class action suit. Add me too. I have purchased the pan and things stick. I have a Gotham Steel pan in which food sticks. These are the biggest waste of money!! We both hate them equally. P!ease add me. At first you didn’t need oil or butter , as advertised. All work okay 1-2 times. I purchased 2 pans with same results. I ordered another set through the same company and within a month I was having the same problem so I called again and let them know, they said that I should use oil or butter on the pan and not to run them through the dishwasher. I have bought roughly 8 of these pans in hopes that it was my fault as to why they didn’t last long. I bought two of these pans and they are not non-stick. Please add me I purchased 2 sets every thing sticks in less than 2 weeks. Decided they were not for me. Foods stick to pan. Thanks. Mine too has sticking issues. Pure crap! Bought the Gotham Steel Hammered Pan online after seeing numerous promos for the pan. I’m tired of companies selling quick gimmick, half done products. I finally got so frustrated with it that I cleaned it one day with a scouring pad! I bought the whole set and then some and of course it’s sticking I feel like such a fool I spent all this money thought I did my research but I guess I didn’t I didn’t check for law suits. Had same issues with that too. Started sticking used with butter or olive oil. So I called back and let them know that the product wasn’t working as described. I also bought these pots and pans and they are starting to allow food to stick!!!! I bought the deep fry one and after a couple of months, I had to just get rid of it not what they said at all. Ridiculous, about $50, for a “free” replacement. The first time, I thought that maybe we weren’t using the pan correctly. What a RIP OFF!! JR Steel workers filed a class action lawsuit claiming that JR Steel regularly violated California wage and hour laws, including overtime law, and workers are entitled to recover wages and overtime pay, and meal/rest/cool-down violation premiums, among other things. Yes i have had the same issue! Good sticking. We only cook eggs in the pan and only use non-metallic utensils and sticking scrambled eggs is no fun to clean if you don’t want to scratch the surface. They also have scratches in the finish in spite of us only using plastic utensils in them. I am so disappointed that I spent nearly $150 for the set. The complaint alleges that food sticks to the cookware made by E. Mishan and Sons, Inc. that the company describes as “nonstick.”. They requested I send them back to them, so I did. Dents in the pans and food stuck everywhere folks. 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How do I sign up for the Class Action suit? I want to know how can I sue these liars??? For a while, they worked very well, but eventually food now sticks to them and is very hard to get off. The sticking of food to the pan has gotten worse over time. I bought a whole set, none of it lived up to the lies they told. Takes longer to clean the pan than cook the food. I have one of these and the first use was great. Matter of fact, mine are ruined, Worst pans I ever purchased !!! They are the worst pans. Somethings goin on with coating, I know it’s costing me money!!!!~. I just received the frying pans that I have ordered two months ago. Wish I could of added a picture. So not what they claimed them to be!! I bought 3 Gotham Steel pans and several as gifts after watching the infomercial multiple times. I have a complete set of the copper clad pots and pans and everyone of them have failed to live up to the advertisements. Everything sticks even if using oil or butter. Gotham Steel didn’t last a month.