Feel free to comment below. – Nicknames: Xixi, Yong Ri Didi. He Chang Xi is a singer-dancer from China. may i ask where do you watch? – Mingming’s fans are called “Venus.” North Di had not yet … Weibo: UNINE_夏瀚宇, Hanyu Facts: Height: 178 cm (5’10″) 1 Overview 2 Trainers 2.1 Vocal 2.2 Dance 2.3 Rap 3 Trainees 4 Aftermath Like its predecessor, the show gathers 109 trainees form different entertainment agencies in China, where nine of them will be chosen by the public to form a new boy group. – He likes to bathe his feet in ginger. Sitemap Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” era. Birth Name: He Wei (何伟) – He describes himself as handsome, sunshine, and one that has connotation. It – Hometown: Lishui, Zhejiang, China. Li Wenhan (Rank 1)  – Wenhan is really good friends with Jun (of Seventeen). He had to use Leng Changxi to open the Duanlong gate. He said that he is a newcomer actor, and he joined the show with a little confidence in singing and dancing and variety shows. "Jing Yuanchu's sight went through Leng Changxi directly . Grandpa Tam did not speak, so Leng Changxi continued, “I think you look like a Qi man, and I know what happened here 20 years ago. – He loves animals, especially dogs, he calls his dog his “son”. – Hometown: Changde, Hunan, China. Height: 176 cm (5’9) i haven’t watch the whole bcs it got deleted. – Wenhan’s favorite colors are blue, red, black, white. Youwei Facts: In the end, one actor will be named, “Best Actor”. Birth Name: Hu Chunyang (胡春杨) Derek Yee asked her when Guo Jingming gave the “S” card”, was everyone disagreeing with his choice. – Youwei wants to live a good life and make every day a good day. Birthplace: Kaifeng Prefecture-level City, Henan Province, China Birthdate: November 24, 1997 . He was also a Yuehua trainee for a while and is close to Nex7 (A/N: Zhengting, Justin and ChengCheng were going wild when he was announced as the ninth rank. Movie. Kpop – Who wore it better? The English name of Zhenning is Kiwi and not Kevin. – Guanyue’s life goal is to support his family so they do not have to work to enjoy life. Do you know more facts about them? Height: 175 cm (5’9″) The indifference of the big lady swept over the four-year-old Zhou Zhou. Weibo: UNINE_李振宁, Zhenning Facts: If the promotion card is given to He Changxi for not so good performance, right Are other actors fair? Director, Derek Yee, Goes Hard on Wang Churan and UNINE’s Chen Youwei’s Reenactment of “Eternal Love”, Myolie Wu Compared Working at TVB to Training at the Shaolin Temple. – His representative animal is a Golden Retriever. He Day After Tomorow. After her father passed away, she took his father’s place at the age of 15 and lead a female army known as the Fire-Phoenix army. English Name: Jerry Grandpa Tam cast a sideways glance at Leng Changxi. Which IZ*ONE Title Track is your favorite? He reached out slender middle and index fingers to open the concealed box through the gap as narrow as a hair. The stones were limited in the jungle. plus is this like produce thats not official? – He brings lipstick on stage to feel safe, but doesn’t use it. – Both of his parents are deaf so he is fluent in sign language. At the age of 42, he was alone. Stage Name: Guan Yue (管栎) Zodiac: Capricorn Position: Lead Rapper, Visual, Sub Vocalist Youtube: UNINE official, UNINE Members Profile: – Wenhan studied in the US, but he gave up, in order to focus on his musical career. UNINE Official Fan Color: NANORA (Aurora Green, Aurora Blue, Aurora Violet), UNINE Official Accounts: The show consists of 99 trainees, The final group is UNINE and it […] “Mingming, don’t just laugh at me. – Nicknames: Shenshen, Black Pearl. He had an innate hatred for such aristocratic people. Blood Type: A – He doesn’t turn the light off when he sleeps. English Name: Kiwi 2020-04-06 19:18:49 737 views abstract. He bowed and scraped to Jing Yuanchu, "Your Majesty, the carriage is ready to go . Age: 23. Joined: Mar 22, 2018 Messages: 22,914 Likes Received: 43,346 Currency: 25,220 Gender: Female Occupation: Park Junhee-stan| Stan A.C.E stan talent! – His hobbies include playing chess and basketball. And said the show will be suspended. – Motto: “30% is fate, 70% is hard work.”, Li Zhenning (Rank 2) They have their on Show On iQiyi! – Nickname: CUV, UV. – Mingming was a contestant on MIXNINE. Noticing that he had a chance, Wu Changxi immediately said, “Master, the matter is like this. – He is under BG Project (BG Talent’s label). – If he wasn’t an idol, he would want to be an internet cafe owner. , YESSSSS!!! After her father passed away, she took his father’s place at the age of 15 and lead a female army known as the Fire-Phoenix army. He also said he didn’t really know the meaning behind the “S” card, saying the show might refer to it as “super” or something else. – Changxi cuts himself every time he shaves. I know Jiayi is young but I didn't expect him to be the youngest of the bunch. – He is under Yuehua Entertainment. Chapter 274: 274 The smoke spread wide, so it was hard to find Leng Changxi hiding behind the stone column even if he made obvious moves . On this week’s episode, music idol, He Changxi and actor, Zhang Yijie, portray “Wei Wuxian”, and “Lan Wangji”, respectively, from “The Untamed”. – Changxi was OACA’s trainee group leader. Birthday: July 22, 1994 Hu Chunyang : Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Youngest Note: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web.
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