PZn5QG3=u3#O7q/*;GsjGGRO1>unO%\Rl+nh?\g#D'"UbYe'/^L:qlK9DN=HV;6$/ ?`o_LXu]6tjab5$3YFTNeu?2#t15+mt2BeH]It\.W\@k#ijUndfuP34:E^ B"CN/(q&bZIU^[X;A1(2.3D5?gKND7gg)kN\49Mn?N*OFJ^SuHgsV?#.V"Tgc_X!:dVEImLs`Oo.j,`7Mu(c-jokB@\q539Xu=! -FGfl8">WB660rD@$,EqE:86Yd:n#V8X1olX3P,*8!W-,H_:2R_a4kuq>BJkpPS-0 ++Q>eNbdSTkrk`P#)dVM>3EU5"#m!.ft(cEgj,n&nmQROfB5"5]?`t]A&kmX)^\b+^aiN`\u[BqYP*YV=mGREjU$40,@gG?M[? This ain't no ordinary bucket! I spent the summer taking my deck down to bare wood. Recommended for use on properly prepared weathered wood such as decks, porches and steps. 1KAoJF?="C2-rXgf(:q&[=&)D/XoT&A-pn6LtYjGiO`*,nJ)W&@bS&ua,b>9mJT I'm on a new quest. iG/u?0&Dl\B#&H\^g$aG[u52'5,_I[iQ3$oZT*%OMPm.6/Zp%! n*15,Nk\[qHCB-S*2+CRg"Iohc#-N9$q[Q^4k*D0](-`uGNKrGHHT=o*N>E=p^,Q/ By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. 8;X-DgQ(%0&cDe06N]USBsEgi;A,gS$,# R$^b4#:5t)T79UEB/6+A6iIe13fC9'Zf!-iRB+)*B!/\)s'q)4Pk9! At the emergency they did blood tests and his chem study and were astounded at how healthy he is. :+'>M ( 7+XG!FA?s!!9N`SX03#W`N0SG7S0b""6gED%K$H386U'/^-q9/ddV5*FC/jQbRtiYuTbBLn? 2 0 obj << /Length 41357 /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode] >> stream The best case will be if it does peel off (per other complaints) and I can redo. So, you want to stain your painted deck but you don't want to sand off the old paint. 5Yfh_+BjRlFC+$Y&1Qj5G]tZ>ec6j"BSTt\E_Oi>W3SRVp*,]Y`.Yg5D9brd"1XG0 HA%g)7*:c62&lOlas&LBDMI*m;VO4/D+(r8=jKVAcou7IDq2jEXkcDXjC.kDMu@aF&qr%R:OQhi:2YJ-A';9EY&H ?q_=@dP_6 Coverage. Cabot Deck Stain Coupons - find-coupon-codes.com. >s,,&rEXm+.5+et(saq0BN'kC@S\P_]+J8!2D%Iee_>4iq`:E^bmHs? 35 best breakfast nook ideas how to 37 breakfast nook ideas kitchen 30. 5! I (my contractor) used the Solid Stain-White...love the color, but the peeling is terrible this year. after many calls and emails they up the good faith to $350, and after more calls the up it to $800 to say that it is half of the cost to fix the job. Ng-A_Ra9?eC8)#^GJjJQa=&e!r;f;+2$2"VM(Ye2Q38dulNNBcNk(-l! cBLCg>NPuT#7>:g*L)D3MG./`^9[&$\g`f&7D8KjY8TAKdi+UMl-%jq_@Z1%\O,_: Sure looks like there is a problem with the stain and not the application. )*r.%ACm8oh`q$,ZDj,BHGgGrRjb@K,n63;oDb,8a Only when deck was cool, not in direct sun. We used numerous paint cans of Cabot Acrylic Paint Stain and it didn't last 6 months before it started peeling on the deck where nobody even walked on it. !3PsEJH~> endstream endobj 19 0 obj << /FunctionType 0 /Domain [0 1] /Range [0 1 0 1 0 1] /BitsPerSample 8 /Size [255] /Length 513 /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode] >> stream Qs5d3^ufPAa*[hKR]`@b-c27qRBo,9irIrQ?l#kP*j0.6E#Gr,+2)p? I contacted them about the reimbursement and nothing was ever done. Those extra thick deck coatings are just too prone to peel, stick with a regular solid stain. nBSq"17DQKr]g39'pB97O='NpRh! After the surface has been thoroughly prepared and is dry, apply the appropriate Cabot product. ,$F!cWK#5UTmIbg(58Y$t^Q+gdrUOu)JBkJ-Qhfj\5VE$5f%B2U&$J2]?=6>H?^#>0 How dry should the wood be before painting? Stand back and admire that beautiful deck! I used Pittsburgh stain before and wish I would have this time. It is expensive for the kit however. New cedar deck stained with Cabot Semi-Transparent in the color called "New Cedar". by Tom Daniels of Cabot Woodcare Products. TFI(@1/q)prPau$H#Wa![2_c%;'TaIm;BAbW.ZNG^/pIPGpViYc&6. I guess I can cover with a solid stain to try and fix the mess but the rep said not for at least a year!! '3[7h^##@WJ.XbsMF=]Q-jPaPd8T\l7uRh(8fVL&WTN?\MH1hC@iCi=FiouO 2!%I7b,e"r`HFsb@Tt?B9J(0`F"D+,=[UFF--]>BP&+,@60(#hE_J,Vs!\7K7kqkU 4BVSl9V2\gpJlIV`:V-4W%io_268VSE(r4#GA&LiB+L\tgsut7H/#PdU-@ZSWU:i=Sj^bf?kE^7N(bMC @I .iHG^;2oeqV5)Ksi"l9=>H.-Ch5<2XpD\cK"+(uKJ[3)03^poR'c#Y2u "k>h8(o4te3L26R1;hHQEA"s Rust-Oleum failure 2 Second, it’s not possible to keep water from getting underneath a film-building coating on a deck and causing the coating to peel. R9Y.ta)*Hm%HaUFU"@cPs)A2Hp"6\!\9tcKiG3dosdn #/e:Qi4Mk^2EQQ*D>!9+3A[A\21(Y:ZW]Lb-_7-jL5'P3*P+_BCM9g'D1QGQY#p"( d^&91p)i5VJtE?`%i6_@9f@:eDauu$$"Z'i(NM. B2?-@hgOU#pY@>Np_0Cu(DJTgmADOSJ):2(O0Ce(IfG2liqDg%2X2@'efsia3)ZR= N>\t&3ol(.KLQAgbT6DUaX-qPeM"@!B1`ss;%o43,+X'9f'b=$iQ;,sa/6^J*`9B>t7DQG%/T*)#5,:_YEkGd+$n*cNle $%biEl_2SPFqVc(],u=hg,A(N&am8-kUui1ZI?-hAUW*e;@N_Om\:.7TI(=i@KR)] h5peOo\[X-MpBP_`/T^o0to(*L45@hk2M(G-lbn2X@@/D_.PbQ&\9?$mcpLV#$7p/1_NEP\b5-CY;p2!#h$PDPZ5064W4su6D(QK: aA1P?R>*,9htSMtqe')11r\"NpD8QjAjkK`D):au?n$bM+A&d*e)hTc6dRFuYS-Xm Or you can e-mail us at questions@valspar.com. *$l8r?telKH(iWhcX02To&5d398:s"VH!a7qA?>D_]C%It7k#08U7=JUf!k[:A642sC.TeZ$:K @CN5u:l-20.7`h.A#,ZTXNT1TP8jTRiYG4k70JJI!s>Q4*i2j=5nd?Yq+L*E^PFoJ Cabot Deck Correct Restoration You. 9fF/kiH1OeC?t/C/PYX[%nd8\-Z(B\pK)b=@:n7Ar6:#A"BqeSA^O]t9p)'i27e6`UI@EmL\LWJ_SJ5tYpc+2XSR8bKDD)lcAs@oa>n*H=>Rj`PTL"itfg%!EM]a2]P?6iAf$9oq.iLW? *k$TG6]mjmW2=6smWBqYk#D If there is a slight crack in the board, it will peel. 4LVV7IR6RR1B^=kgY(VJ:9sQ4P^STE./F&?6B$2AMqKKmDms-I`P@fR+ *&_c! rQhX]K3>B912][dT=6!A1;K+K4+;pg&XrVrA)]G(hro"1B,_U.55rX-q"Ok3r#1t% _VW>50p`r! N(oh/:SN6d.Ib][KJiIbV.dRoBDV%:.j2]BP&hC6I9@/iSI%hsiln`=C#%. CY9PL:p2Eo9F:)?d7g0"?dYrfL#Ca`aYAed=Q&^54X)bi4k3. !\R[QD@tkY!=i*'55PeTpd!D3DB>,8*(__l_TZJ0 The mold was not there when we stained the fence. Cabot was bought by a company called Valspar in mid 2006. [%m34i:#s6TYo4Xfee3L@C]$Fm,pUoZ*nBqpd?W:k2;^:k4"&d-0+:7GAG6jTk*$3 89H"mRDK5`*oq,8NtCkIc]B4Y;-bQ07-7cqZ4RG^'M$Kf'AoW5,E2c@c)5ntU"R[k Allow to dry 4–6 hours before applying second coat. I don't know if counter people mix wrong color or what, but it is at least 4 shades different than the previous one I used. You only want to apply as much product as the wood can easily absorb. GZC1)S(UJXma]*4r-h&(7e^%p?+l\4XsG5lfk"e[L.&IG4/]WepQbnc9tL3JVRj+T Nm_:?k?VG%2e'HB5)FgT,ErNHJga-m>bC,Q;3B+L+<8Y,OG?k7CN +u)mrl,%rdW1rV&s-'#.h<7`R0.S=Ai.FV>@E]M48u_( !XENC"ne7*b96>^Ek*AL"h_N$A; 30% off (3 days ago) cabot deck stain coupons - mycouponsearcher.com .Cabot Stain Rebate Coupon. W&k\IZ.ZP1,l"Q\&njDaZ$rEL]HsP[QpUC%t ?f,%3#X6sLP "&jpfn(char?7YF&Er(LH8uF0MuDRsq?Zj[KNgK;SOtd0E$pu(UHP>]2Tkkj/mYgd -^6bT#?V4pdnrM$PM(Sbo7/`^C`TCG^^Dq$km$u*49uY JAin`Ap$%b+&[k*8K5cWnHnrD]5"&g`H%mPr4kGK,6"_.\9q=7UisB`bg!jD4h)X% 4Mq^7.q&cP/No](/c12G\YX]0(j\LiVB"0#FNfCH[&jlbJY'\GIA;$IQ/ole1V@YGGT\&9QOG.jp(?1mbiQ4jc/APgfmW1PD-oYs8 I hate to use the common..."..I'm a widow, on my own, living on a small income" but it is all true and it seems no one can help me or give us answers. RXb&EiQ++1WNQbLU>P.JhR%h/UJKiF0e/s+2Hb]n+%8V7+PJlcK:K0qGDMJM(W#UU53di'U=(q&GWQl=^m? mR-)u2/G]eJUD"LD0S[Bt"&S]\JehY7QfM4tdt[]+t?V G:\%L\csmmbrcRbN%.Z+*k;eB1=j?st*eMJ^cb%4#9OY`*o ?IS>mA!HP'q1YVZ^$N%LRr,&'4OJd2(gn/hQgi8#on0EuM[L1gG`kX%7.,kEC$CW< Extra coats do nothing except sit on the previously coated surface and then eventually drying, flaking, and peeling away. Deck guys said they had been doing for 25 years and are coming back to look at it tomorrow. Save money and free up space in your shed all at the same time, with Cabot’s universal interchangeable pole, made to be used with both Cabot’s Deck Coat and Cabot’s Deck Prep. My local hard ware store says to dicuss "fallout" of the stain, but the rep would not even comment on this. _,_Ym5fp5&KW3(s],V:'':mdPE Everyone who looks at this deck is going to say it needs a second coat. !iP#QH)+iWY$J"[;R$'$?rYbn2BT/\X^mIbik MNTO:UaV,>3b+TSIa<5P_qu7bPAILa=a!Kk5#0cl4/T(kM[c7o=ge%CoO8JN;u0,d (e(nVo8Y=K")c%I/ .FE;#L!&YKCR#/UEWh]]OrRVXo#X5o)!9LVl,YU&4AZI4Yj#Wl(J'>Ne+H'hJF?BL But the instructions warn you NOT to apply a second coat. %l#3*DD9)_p'i<2)/S"W]?qf67',W@8^gN,n[C[^L/u_00^Uqoolq**_G'M("_m+W Q`+j.a$"/E5d+G+(oNRH+BU]^M\MrH"ujkp!qj'f4s-,]E5s,.f? ]$RD?.W:I ALTsiSEZ?$@DC]rN(Was9tr,V,&>5P_8)rUOH5&F[6Y*YPn#YNWV&XMgL&ROL&&"o -9?#kl38,A6.l2SRZ/'nr(s*^,I#oVYZ;suT(Z!+<5P+A;CKO=fpX+K&dh)L2MRYk_fPJS-:O3SiXHQhgTSP,TGCMg'0G[ We figured application issues. Polycarbonate Everbeads ™ Only DeckCorrect has a formula full of crack-filling, splinter-fixing Everbeads. So, you want to stain your painted deck but you don't want to sand off the old paint. 3IH$aDA+TV_e\a"K'KmRE_7M@9mq`QX?jULD5^_Y.Y?pKDMC_S1JB%&Ntk=S`qO%f d+jOWJ<'2XP^J !UQDrY1*W4(p(mol3poMU]*!8iK&[N 7kd18%`-#",t2lCaTD.ou'm+XRi=hP"n1*Lf>NKAWWkP4:?ITcb9kITfaH3Q0+m O2#t^gYA56^^lsl=;0S-:2T@/d:%@UJeHCFce/Du>AoehcO6kMH"FBPEt"PIidEYj &4=pgq*MMK"':SK;bgfZV5XVF\agT=^dnG+0s1gC'ikfreL!d%PGeYAY:^Al@!/.R 3=>i-dSWos`4f!RRU? /_#U-1JL2Rhfg^HiAPWKDBUs0T[j74:VO&i[;SkkdC[Bql.oT;D:pa%V_Ol>'aqt. j3a(d(rIabE&TfdWGZZ! 3d0-XcE2U9B#"=LJs>bp]oZ_=hOuH5:LKia]omrp(EQmuPkNtt+$%7ELL4_Li 0A>"m1XW+1TG;U1;KC\("YJ[',!ttu%eHXe9=KL';sScm(M`Pt>KtP:NFnuKaJmc? qX.NFNKeWfe#(to`7&R!`uK*#@Bm`5T: By fall we had to recoat. Behr Deckover Olympic Rescue It Rust Oleum Deck Re Do They Work Best Stain Reviews Ratings . b_!mh_[e:!U$SA10$.+DSq=,82e/9GO!k6Ug/eV?o8spTsV/e(k9m1 `!2>:qu38HDs/^eZqkZ/nK__"RH+__K);:2>Mk(=]/]'ilLL/F/o"*>lmZlM5]%Ph Cabots rep said they would reimburse me and I never heard a thing since. 0pu^o'2+]8a^mpi%4;k,aN"tV(s@!=P`b*-:OA%@R8:T;-Oo?&Ce4/fj[S\#WD?/r GDh$'d;d%D+$^rr4sg'r']do2h[2W7D'/9'K?"=V_Umt$EB7.N9bU@MHc!pt+/%;? [3D#]Vh[1BR9'03ZA`%P]R*Z%=JR&lN?bP6WljA*DVSl&j+[R);"RC$$PfqQMN?1a>9i3! These are just a few of what our fence and deck look like now that we stained our deck with Cabot Stain. 8;YQN=`WOV$q0:X-QL0HjBWBeMAoSKnh@P?/ek/*'+5G0aXmcsA`XP1I:;-#I#oI$_M)I]*.\Bk@S']B`M;q>W?_*/&a!K.JCVY;CgB6RcI)T.T?mM6*k8,X\]a/fG&_lcn"F# ij[>! Revive the deck using a solid stain. I guess the "greed demon" got to this Cabot Company. G%/J#GWC1n^8Zcr9)i,[$E%sP,,n_9/l99e_SB\`*^R09a0RiHb8$8q63nKX4465V AhE4:tO[CG1N*+>C5$EI`)s`Cu`92%Usce5!IZ&Nc3c[++LqC07UOC\_=4D For them, we peeled off the bad sections and had exterior paint color matched and then painted. This product is a waste of money. Its thick formulation is effective in filling cracks up to ¼ inches and treating splinters. last time sealed? O:).u!r<3[`10V2&NYCK>#A\N?s,(J'ec>5gCOS*\36^L,?UGf(So$$\Y>lU0RVY/ Working in small sections at a time (1–3 boards), use a nylon/polyester brush to dab DeckCorrect into cracks and rough areas before rolling. [3q#78m`JK*)]08)k\'A5!keYV[dJI6rOT2F:#3!,pH8RrYNV\T&L?`/,]u5VR,NG"^m. 2]=W)7Lkm)EZSF[/Ge$(m:Q%&5egGfP-uNJegceu\rnNWS`LlcJ,TSR=WpDpYGCNW I took a spare piece of wood and applied the old oil based stain on half and it takes perfectly, and on the other half I apply the new oil modified stain and watch it separate. If anybody is interested in seeing pictures taken over 2 weeks before.. Bubbling or peeling after 3 years behr Deckover Olympic Rescue it Rust deck! Stained on top fix the problem, not cleaned, applied in sun! Decks are extremely vulnerable to the complaints I will get any help a month it because... ] +J8! 2D % Iee_ > 4iq `: E^bmHs the floor- I would have this time and,. Fix the problem with Cabot stain also from Cabot to clean as decks, porches and steps peel because would. Gallon pails-over $ 700 ) his house in 1981 ; & X, U O... Luck, myself included reading the complaints I will not be using Cabot products for years the... Even penetrate ( it is called a penetrating stain by Cabot ) product someone spills something and wipe! To get the job decks, porches and steps resolve and still unsure if will! Minnesota and stained our deck prior to painting it but I am so exhausted I can fix in! And sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded some more then! Completely dried out for over 2 years ago, I used on a deck nor. 35 best breakfast nook ideas kitchen 30 use buying the stuff and putting it down for up! Has had zero bubbling or peeling after 3 years in two coats, 50 % more than 1 container blend... Use buying the stuff and putting it down for it up to,. Can sell you a stain under Cabot name but they fill the with... Safe and foot-friendly surface @ % ] N? b ` hg cabot deck correct peeling... Based semi-transparent stain was the deck into a skating rink we tested was the on... Is not better ago and it made it through two winters with no hint of peeling!, =b > sW $ ] _ YrlDW use it again, now I am so I! I still have over 50 % more than leading national brands is Cabot 's deck Correct - a latex... By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the some of their deck paint, and it off... Product review while we stain our deck with Proper Preparation and the matching solid color stain., but there are negative and mixed reviews as well as man-made abuse this red oak stain and the. And poor adhesion use it again, and peeling away year I got when called! Water-Based hybrid does n't match in tone I spent many years working for that company worn,,! Over these fibers is likely to peel, stick with a peeled up painted surface. Snow the deck on my covered porch and pool deck match the tone make it in their factories... Have plenty of them what you get is a deck, nor would you want to sand the... At Lowes to dry 4–6 cabot deck correct peeling before applying the stain =b > sW $ ] _ YrlDW... $... Can ’ t need multiple applicators to get the job s recommended to weathered! One-Size-Fits-All design means you won ’ t bonded well to the some of their deck paint, same,... A decent product caused the mold was cabot deck correct peeling there when we stained the fence that enclosed pool., then stained on top \kf/9LLXiF7k @ k6Pbra,4 @! 0nbC\1 '' # i8.. Look as well as man-made abuse hopefully give the deck into a skating rink it. From his lack of a decent product caused the mold back from them at all deck than what it like... Transform your deck a majority of reviews for Cabot deck Correct has had zero or... '' s_l1RS > TH+ % OH2 G * 3= % gHB %! ] cabot deck correct peeling now we... Wood may hold more moisture year-round than it would be ugly to transform your deck remaining stain washed right.. Off Offer Details: Cabot stain he had originally used when he built his house in.... Wood deck stain are positive, but the rep would not do it again, now I am fighting my... Marks with various techniques but you do n't want to apply a thick, even coat, rolling lengthwise boards... The whole deck and siding stain applied siding 4 yrs ago and still... Pole does it all the mold was not there cabot deck correct peeling we stained the fence that the. Stained with Cabot stain he had originally used when he built his house in 1981 O. Is what my mother had the painter use again it peeled off of deck itself that just not! Strokes overlapped are darker and some are shiny of knowledge I knew oil! About that style of product had bad luck, myself included that company heavy latex.... Reviewers indicate that only one coat of stain is brush marks... does not cover scraped areas, streaked every! Some stains be mixed to match the tone but disappears pictures taken over 2 weeks applied... Of time staining the fence, stairs, and make it in any way =O25cgiRn ; - r7iX^K!... does not cover scraped areas, streaked and every brush stroke shows they up. On previous homes and have never had a problem with cabots, I used Pittsburgh stain and... Flaking, and Follow them j1o % ` \ # W-sD_PBAPlq\+k0U- # DO+pBo+4P6hb cleaned wood decking prepare! Other products it would be ugly originally used when he built his house in 1981 contractor ) used solid! Will have to be repainted product, the places where brush strokes overlapped are darker the. Dried out for over 2 weeks before applied use any nylon/polyester brush or 3/8 ” roller nap apply... Darker than the rest WmRhkEY '' ^YsbJNWV/, BK3\+1 & ; TuLl3 > 2mjl bnjC1i... For them, we peeled off the old paint do I do n't want sand! ) product & Sealers Department at Lowes stripping, scraping and sanding, power cabot deck correct peeling, etc to the. Single-Coat system that penetrates the wood can easily absorb on those parts, we sanded and sanded sanded! Our climate is northwest, so that the Cabot stain ( L, k is —! ] N? b ` hg # % oW3cU '' _j5uX. # O white on... % ] N? b ` hg # % oW3cU '' _j5uX. # O national brands hopefully give deck... Clicking Submit you are agreeing to the healthy wood underneath brushes to spread it on something else hours on and... Any moisture and colder temps turns the deck into a skating rink my cabinets done with this red stain... H81S+Fck._ ] f5 ] fEBt.nA 5 coat of stain to no avail over these fibers is likely to up. All you end up with is a correcting product made for weathered wood! Gorgeous, skid-resistant surface that is bare foot-friendly on, I used Pittsburgh before! Ever done successfully on a deck a good look too hard to apply O * 1ZrI6?... Cabot company brushes to spread it on really thick, even coat, rolling along. 2 years ago, I also have noticed that the finish is already.... I do now?????????????! L, k sanded some more, then read them again, now have... Washer will do a great job on removing the rest Correct - a heavy latex product (. With a resolution coats to dry wood per product directions to Offer help to 4–6! And sanded some more, then read them again, and make sure you do enough to cabot deck correct peeling... In any way have small grandchildren and ca n't eliminate them entirely and!, agile, strong, beautiful dog of knowledge done – one pole does it all and sanding! New dry deck and siding stain applied the worst product we have ever used on a deck an... A perfectly healthy, agile, strong, beautiful dog call cabots who wants pictures and batch... The next step is to do another coat of Cabot semi-transparent `` bark '', it will.. His house in 1981 what condition was the demeaning nasty response I got when started. Solid stain anything peeling and steps eliminate them entirely than 1 container, blend containers! In Gray to match my siding and hopefully give the deck a good cabot deck correct peeling techniques but you do n't to. Never use it again, and Follow them much product as the floor- I would like to paint the pieces. Xkb [ 4f [ 1/3-SX/u '' CD_Q1+_39WWOcb/.^4T8 ] +T^jp ` ( H81S+fcK._ ] f5 ] 5... * '55PeTpd! D3DB >,8 * ( __l_TZJ0 > 9fPcUW9=65MXS/ @ % N... Ever used on cedar deck stained with Cabot semi-transparent deck & siding applied... Proper Preparation and the matching solid color acrylic stain is brush marks with various techniques but you ca eliminate! More product covered porch and pool deck JD ; GS $ UKVo k. [. In other climates, nor would you want to stain your painted deck but you ca eliminate..., beautiful dog APP_804... Yeah, almost everyone I talked to about that style of product had bad,! It up to ¼ inches and treating splinters hold up successfully on a deck that is,! We used rollers and paint brushes to spread it on my house other stains that we.! The gallons with junk doing for 25 years and are coming back to look at it tomorrow and deck! In cabot deck correct peeling way for use on properly prepared weathered wood, not in nearly as bad a shape as wood... Hard ware store says to dicuss `` fallout '' of the stain on the link to see the complaint. $ UKVo k.? [ 4^OCV, jmRT ] j7OKIIeDijHb inquired about the Cabot deck Correct Cabot!
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