Deer-resistant perennials are plants that come back year after year, although many go dormant and disappear above ground during the winter. These low maintenance conifers are deer resistant, drought tolerant, and make a great natural border for the yard. Grassy Plants * FREE GIFT ON ORDERS OF $50+ 45-Day Growing Guarantee Hinoki cypresses seldom run into any bug or disease troubles, deer don’t care for them, and they’ll take a fair amount of shade. Growing Conditions: Shade … More. used in foiling deer, "deer-resistant trees" is something of a misnomer. The small varieties of juniper average 3 feet tall, and they provide winter interest to the yard. They grow best in zones 3 through 9 and thrive in part to full sun. Sun, shade, dry or wet, we have an evergreen to provide you privacy. Save Pin FB. This deer-resistant (poisonous) shade-loving ground cover is a quick spreader. The habit is fairly narrow and upright (25-by-10 feet in 20-25 years) with gracefully arching limbs and soft needles. Read through the following article and find information on evergreen trees for deer fencing. If they are hungry enough and food is scarce enough, deer will eat almost anything. Deer resistant and drought tolerant once established, this is hardy in zones 4-9. It is an excellent reference book with high quality photographs throughout. 'Empire' false cypress has a subtle yellow variegation ... One of my most-thumbed books on conifers is Gardening with Conifers by Adrian Bloom (Firefly). You'll have to rotate these frequently, however, or deer will soon realize that they are not in danger from these objects. Deer resistant evergreen trees are mostly used as hedge trees. Few trees (especially young ones) will keep a desperate deer away. This is because these trees are resistant to deer damage. Fast-Growing, Deer-Resistant Evergreen Trees. Plant Name: Convallaria majalis. Send Text Message. Hint: Make sure it gets enough moisture through the summer months; if not, the leaves will develop brown, tattered edges. Start Slideshow 1 of 15. Credit: Bill Stites. This large evergreen, pyramidal conifer is also a deer proof tree. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are few, if any, plants that can be called truly deer-proof. Email. Planting deer resistant evergreen plants, for example, can help to create a beautiful green space all year long. Though a hungry deer will eat almost any tree, especially in times of drought or in the spring, certain plant characteristics dissuade deer … Tweet. Choosing Evergreens Deer Won’t Eat When planning a garden filled with deer proof evergreens, it is important to remember that … Try these deer-resistant plants for tons of landscape color. Deer often cause damage to trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants causing avid gardeners and tree planters to spend money on deer repellents or deer tubes.. No tree or shrub is completely deer proof, but some are more deer resistant than others. Deer-resistant plants. 2.) Weeping Alaska-cedar (Xanthocyparis nootkatensis) This is my favorite specimen conifer. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDER OF $150+! Evergreens for privacy hedges or screens is one of our specialties at Country Mile. As with other types of plants (shrubs, perennials, etc.) Bulbs Bulbs offer a pop of color and can bloom in spring, summer, or fall. However, there are a number of plants that deer don't find particularly palatable. With such a huge deer population, and the need for privacy, we carry several options for your specific needs.
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