C8 Corvette FlowForm FF11 Wheel Fitment from HRE Now Available! 2698.14. Save this search. Replacing your stock intake manifold with the N52B30H0 manifold will bump your output up equivalent to 250hp from the factory, 260hp if you’ve got a tune for it and more with further modifications. New Release: Injen X-Pedal Pro Black Edition Now Available! Ready to order? + Shipping to: 98837. Most will see an increase of 100-150 horsepower with average levels of boost. CSF Performance Aluminum Radiator - BMW E-Series. Our experienced Installation Team has years of car-building experience to make quick work of your install. Consult a Mod Expert for more information – call 714-582-3330 or chat live at ModBargains.com. N54. Choose Options. Select Vehicle. See, in all the non-M and non-turbo 3-series, BMW used basically the same engine with a detuned intake for lower spec models. rofl, Nice pickup! US $179.00 / Unit. Mailing Address: TurboKits.com 271 Litchfield Rd Harwinton, CT 06791, USA Phone: (860) 676-2929. After discussing headers, we can’t help but talk about the obvious – an exhaust. View Product. One of the best options for this is a supercharger, like the ESS Tuning Supercharger for BMW N51/N52, seen above. #2 BMW N52 330i “HO” Intake Manifold Upgrade By far, the single biggest horsepower gain for any N51 or N52 is the BMW N52B30H0 Intake Manifold Conversion Kit for BMW 3-Series, 128i & Z4 [E82/E85/E89/E9X]. Exhaust Backpressure: Can you go too big? We’ll start with the obvious – an intake. While it is just 8whp, it is an increase that’s there across the entire rev range. The kits come with Precision turbos because they are leaders in the industry for offering top performing products that are reliable so you can make good power and not have to service your turbo for years to come. BMW General . Here’s how the airbox looks with the Dinan Ram Air conversion kit installed. Be sure to check local and federal regulations for your area. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Introducing Our Experts Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As you can tell from the Dyno graph above, a header makes a serious difference in horsepower, and that’s where you’re going to want to look if you genuinely want to make power. Order) CN Guangzhou Junfeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8 YRS. From the factory, your throttle pedal’s settings are overly conservative – with these electronic throttles, you’re not getting a 1-to-1 response at the throttle when you stomp the pedal – sometimes you get as little as 70% throttle when you sink your foot to the floor with today’s electronically controlled throttles. JavaScript is disabled. (other than what comes with the install kit) Price: $1,000 turbo + $200 install kit + install labor (approx. Regular price $1,995 View. Our staff aren't "sales people" - we call them "Mod Experts" for good reason. These turbos are capable of 700whp max on the N54 and at … BMW 335i N54 Top Mount Turbo Hot Parts Kit. If you get stuck - message us and we'll be able to advise you. Price: $1,599.99. Our experienced Installation Team has years of car-building experience to make quick work of your install. Call us at 714-582-3330 for expert car mod advice and schedule your installation at the Mod Auto shop today. The cost of these kits and the potential reliability issues when you can simply buy the same car with a factory turbo motor makes us recommend simply getting an N54 equipped E9X. We toyed with the idea of drag racing but in the end it just didn't make sense for us. If you’re still not satisfied by NA power, there’s always boost. So that’s five… between an exhaust, a tune, intake, intake manifold and a header, you can easily take a 218hp 325i to 270hp or more, making the N52 the naturally aspirated screamer six it was always supposed to be, something that lives up to the standard of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. You must log in or register to reply here.
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