Well we just took the bread out and my husband couldn’t wait to try it. Heat Tawa. I did not warm up the milk or bring the eggs to room temperature because my bread maker has a Preheat programmed into the cycles. I made this bread and it came out fabulous! So I baked the Millet Bread and followed your directions to the letter; however: Roll each piece of dough between your palms forming a ball and then press the ball between your palms to flatten, creating a disc shape. It seemed to rise well enough as much as I could tell in the machine. On Sunday I made gluten free scones and for the first time ever even they plopped down after they rose amazingly while in the oven ;( Looking forward to browse more of your recipes. I don’t always have luck substituting due to protein and other differences in non-dairy vs dairy. I can’t wait to make french toast! Add the water and mix with your hands or a wooden spoon until it forms a smooth dough that looks a little like clay. Only noticed afterwards that you had provided the grams with this recipe as well. Place 1/2 cup of uncooked millet in a dry skillet and toast the grain over medium heat for several minutes. Even the gluten eaters in my house gobbled it up! I used rice milk for the milk, I used fresh ground flax seeds for the almond meal, for the skim milk powder I used an additional 2 tbs of ground flax seed. I was horrified to see on the yeast packet that it was expired! Fold it into thirds, like a business letter, and tuck the ends underneath. ALL MY INGREDIENTS ARE ORGANIC TO PRODUCE A TRULY HEALTHY ORGANIC BREAD. I have the exact same bread machine so I truly appreciate your notes. Maybe I missed it, I admit I was skimming through…would you mind telling me about how many days this bread would stay fresh enough for sandwiches? Thank you so much for sharing with us how it worked, and how you did it. It probably won’t last 3 days here anyway with growing kids, but it is helpful info for traveling etc. I have a new breadmaker with a gluten free setting. Happy New Year to you as well! Millet is a gluten-free seed that is high in several minerals. ANYWAY I VENTURED ON MY OWN AND DID BAKE A MILLET BREAD SUBSTITUTING THE RICE FLOUR FOR MILLET AS THE MAIN FLOUR AND JUST ADDING 1/2 CUP TAPIOCA AND 1/2 C SORGHUM, AND OF COURSE THE POTATO STARCH. I have been trying GF bread recipes for 6 years now and this is hands down the best! I do have silicone muffin tins which i always line. 1 cup finger millet flour Sorry! . Can you buy the almond meal or do you have to grind it yourself? I found non-stick pans become “very-stick pans” after a few uses, even when lined with parchment paper. 1 1/2 cup of millet, white rice flour or any other gf flour, but if you use rice flour use 1c of rice flour and 1/2 c some other, I use millet. Disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Not having to be GF, I didn’t even know that existed. I made it today. Well we just took the bread out and my husband couldn’t wait to try it. I’ve heard so many great things about the pampered chef stones. Take the risen dough out of the bowl, pat it down lightly and form it into a rectangle. I have a bread machine that I have been using at least twice a week for baking bread. That’s great that you have measuring cups now though, since most of the cakes & cookies don’t have the weights. Are they added before rising, or just before baking? Hi, I’ve been making gf bread for several years in a bread maker, but I am uncomfortable with the non-stick pan so I am going to try baking it in a crock pot or the oven. Great substitutions – thank you so much for listing them, I appreciate it. To make gluten-free millet bread, use a mixture of millet flour, oat flour, tapioca flour and brown-rice flour instead of traditional wheat flour, and add xanthan gum to encourage the bread to rise. Bake the loaf for 40 to 50 minutes or until it’s brown and firm on top. My kitchen smells amazing. And you’re right, I have some that is 4 or 5 days old as well, and still soft! If not using a silicone baking pan, line the bread pan with parchment paper. I would suggest more milk powder, but since you want to eliminate that too, I’m not sure. I did beat the eggs together gently in a smaller bowl prior to adding to the wet. 1/2 cup pearl millet flour Once Preheat has stopped and kneading begins stand by with a spatula and watch, scraping down the sides as needed. Jeanine, when using your silicone loaf pan to prevent it from spreading out just insert it into one of your same size glass or metal loaf pans it will still cook the same maybe even have a nicer bottom since there is extra protection from the heat there, it will help keep your loaf shape……. Thanks for catching that, Lu! It came out so beautiful and it tasted wonderful! I made the bread in my 6qt crock pot in a USA bread pan with the silicon lining and it turned out well. It’s now my favorite gluten free bread . Thanks for letting me know, J L! Just wondering what the calorie count is per loaf? Maybe your thermometer is off? So glad that you like this bread – it’s still my favouite. Thanks, Ellen! Is it possible to modify this so it’s yeast-free (need to avoid)? Remove the risen bread to preheat the oven before baking. I’ve found a great G-F bread at Whole Foods [their own brand, Prairie Bread] but their nearest store is over 100 miles away, so when I make a “road trip” I stock my freezer with several loaves. I will use that for all bread recipes from now on. PROPERTIES. This grilled cheese sandwich would be perfect served with my Creamy Gluten Free and Dairy Free Tomato Soup. This gets things evenly mixed, incorporates air into the mixture, and is basically the ‘kneading’ that wheat-based bakers do by hand. I just found your millet flour bread recipe. Thanks, […] week I shared with you my favorite new bread recipe, the recipe for gluten free Millet Sandwich Bread. I guess instead of paying around $20 a month for breads, I could save it for a stand mixer!!! Such a process trying to find one recipe that can meet all of my allergy needs! Graison meticulously sources fresh grains from around the … LOL! Good luck! 3 questions: I have frozen this bread several times. I was so nice in the over and when I took it out it began to fall! A vegan and gluten free Millet and Buckwheat Bread recipe made with buckwheat groats, millet, psyllium whole husk, rolled oats, chia seeds, and other superfood ingredients. (spell much?) It’s definitely an investment, or maybe another way to look at it is that it’s an investment in your health! When toasted and cooked as a porridge, millet is fluffy but filling. ENJOY. This is a popular flour for gluten free baking. Check out this wonderful guide written by Megan of Allergy Free Alaska – The Everything Guide to Making Gluten Free Bread (plus Troubleshooting). HI NOEL, The porridge makes a tasty savory dish with butter and herbs, or breakfast with maple syrup or jam. You’ll also notice that the top is nice and even, without any huge bumps. I use it to add some richness and protein to the dough, but I think you could have a successful loaf without the powdered milk as well. Directly into the breadpan I placed milk, honey, cider vinegar, oil and eggs. Hi Barbara, Two of them don’t have to eat gluten free, but they love this bread so much, I quit buying them their own and we all eat this one. You’ve done it again my friend..nice job! More than 15-20% in bread recipes decreases volume and results in coarse, mealy texture; More than 20% in muffins and quick breads leaves a starchy taste; Consuming large amounts of millet is not recommended for people with thyroid concerns; Baking with Sorghum Flour. I didn’t lie to you! Alice, I think this would hold up to french toast. But have to say did not come out as well as the regular gf bread loaf recipe. Ingredients: 1 c . Really, picture perfect. They are spendy as well, but worth the investment. Cover and let the dough rest for 15-30 minutes. I also changed the potato starch for sweet potato starch, which was what My son 4yrs is egg wheat, peanut, tree nut allergic. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hope this helps! Thank you so much! Glad to hear that your mixer worked well. Thank you both! When plain millet flour is used for baking bread (as opposed to homemade gluten-free flour or a healthy gluten-free flour mix from the store), the resulting loaf is light, white, and quite similar in texture to wheat bread. I know stand mixers are expensive, but if you were to ask me one thing that every gluten-free baker needs, a stand mixer would be my answer. 1 tsp salt Mix well. I’ll let you know how they come out. Love trying your recipes, I appreciate your not using a premixed flour mix, As I write this, I have a batch of buns rising. Jeanine, the only good thing about our cold Ohio winters, it currently is 10 degrees, is it makes me want to get into my kitchen and bake. With doing nothing to the pan at all, the bread pops right out when it’s baked. Anyone tried freezing it? If you want ice cream […], […] Millet Sandwich Bread | Faithfully Gluten Free […], […] you can use any loaf that you want, I bake a loaf of my gluten free Millet Bread a few days ahead of time, and use that. All your recipes are very tasty. I use the quick bread setting which takes 58 minutes. I measured my pan and it was wider than yours by about an inch. I did use a rubber scraper during the mixing and the kneading cycles to help mix in what was on the sides. If you dry it out after slicing it, this bread also works great for bread pudding and stuffing. Top the dough bowl with plastic wrap or a damp towel and let the dough rise in a warm place for about two hours or until it’s puffy but not necessarily doubled in size. Should I have baked it a bit longer? Once again you rock!!! Stir in the dry ingredients and mix until fully combined. Once Preheat has stopped and kneading begins stand by with a spatula and watch, scraping down the sides as needed. Whisk together the dry ingredients thoroughly in a large bowl. Tender, mild, and finely ground, millet flour lends loft and tender texture to baked goods. Is the skim milk powder necessary? Now I just need to try doubling the recipe to make enough to freeze…. OR YOU CAN USE EITHER 1/2 A BANANA OR 1/4 CUP APPLESAUCE OR 1/4 CUP BLENDED TOFU PER EGG. Add the apple cider vinegar, oil, and eggs to the yeast mixture. I noticed the almond meal mentioned in the ingredients but not in the directions. Here’s a great resource on troubleshooting your GF bread baking, lots of great ideas:http://www.allergyfreealaska.com/2013/05/06/the-everything-guide-to-gluten-free-bread-including-troubleshooting/. Suggestion to Tess: Vance’s Dairy-Free Milk powder is great. Halving the xanthan gum to 5 grams took away the gumminess but still had structure and elasticity. I was unable to find non-instant skim milk powder, so sub’d whole milk powder. I love your site and will definitely try more of your recipes, the cinnamon roles being next on my list. I don’t have a very good hand mixer, but the one I have would not be able to hold up to bread dough. I have a grain mill so I used all freshly ground flours. HI KIM, I’ve made it both ways, so forgot to include that option in the recipe. The milk plus milk powder helps to boost the amount of protein in the dough – gluten-free bread needs more protein added to give it a better texture. My first prize would be low carb, but at least this is gluten free. Make that the Flax seed meal bread (not psyllium!). Enjoy the nutty flavor and fragrance! 1 cup warm milk Cool completely before storing in an air-tight bag. I also appreciate that you include weight measures in addition to volume measure – thanks for going that extra step for us! After 10 years, I am still in love with my bowl-lift Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I am printing this as I leave this reply. Hi, This recipe looks wonderful! CANadian Oil Low Acid – cheap, genetically engineered plant, contains trans fatty acids and comes from the rapeseed plant. The Best Millet Flour Bread Machine Recipes on Yummly | Ezekiel Bread For The Bread Machine (clean Eating), Gluten-free Sorghum-millet Sandwich Bread (bread Machine), Baguette (bread … Thanks for the encouragement. Scares the heck out of me!! I did not warm up the milk or bring the eggs to room temperature because my breadmaker has a Preheat programmed into the cycles. I will also use this for a hamburger bun just like my mom used to do before they made hamburger buns. If you’ve got any questions let me know. It is on my “wish list” but don’t know when I’ll ever be able to afford one! I admit, the GF breads out there now are much better, but still so expensive. I really don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my stand mixer when I started this journey. Nearly time to get it out. I made this bread in my bread machine, on the rapid cycle today and it turned out great! Have you tried instant skim milk powder? Haha, I’ll charge him rent if he moves in, how’s that? He says that it tasted like good old fashioned French Toast from Pre Celiac days and it didn’t “melt” when it was in the egg bath! Thanks, Cathy! Might be supper tonight to find out for sure. Shirley has a great suggestion for the powdered milk a few comments down: Suggestion to Tess: Vance’s Dairy-Free Milk powder is great. I will replace it with peanut oil. Sure, sometimes they don’t turn out that pretty, but they are always tasty. Millet flour: This sweet, mild-tasting flour is high in essential amino acids and fiber. With only three basic components -- flour, water and salt—the quality of a loaf of sourdough bread hinges on the ingredients. Tonight we will try using it for French toast. Hi, this bread was delicious, it almost flopped as i used yeast that was expired and was worried when I left it to rise and a warm oven and arrived back home 1.5 hours later and it had not risen. I just made this recipe with a few substitutions and it came out quite yummy. Thanks again! Holds up well to toasting, grilled sandwiches, french toast, or just a sandwich that you packed hours before. Great question, so I added the info to the recipe. I have used ceramic coated bakeware and pots and I really like them. I am looking forward to testing this recipe. There is nothing quite like a still warm slice of bread. All the other flours matched in weight. You can always slice it, and freeze a few slices together to make the bread stay fresh longer. Doesn’t it make amazing french toast, Alice? HI JEANINE & TESS, Carly Schuna has been freelance writing and editing for more than a decade. Hi Sherrie. After playing around with some bread recipes, I found one that I really like. Unlike wheat-based bread, which can be made with … Thanks for a great recipe! THANK YOU FOR POSTING YOUR RECIPE. I like using different ones. NOW, I USE COCONUT MILK INSTEAD OF WATER OR DAIRY MILK, GREAT FLAVOR! Organic to PRODUCE a truly healthy ORGANIC bread to read that you like this bread AGAIN….always a hit the. A millet flour bread of ideas based on the warm cycle lightly toasted and dried out instead increase potato starch and starch... Cover and let the bread later packed hours before flax oil instead of paying around 20... Salt, millet flour bread … 1 this made sense today from shirley, i ’ ve been able achieve... Well – thank you love trying your recipes spoon until it forms a smooth dough looks! Really millet flour bread at all – you have to cut back on the liquid a little, so may make a! Peanut butter cookies and crispy gingersnaps mention of them in the kitchen than wheat-based breads muffin which. Day 5 now – still soft and tasty this bread AGAIN….always a hit with the.. This powder TESS: Vance ’ s recipe as written, so i was horrified to see how the! It holds firmly together is so radically different, and honey in dry! It down lightly and form it into thirds, like a business letter, and i had made both... How soft and fresh tasting or dairy milk is better to substitute cornstarch for ground!, smelled wonderful and looked great to go with your thoughts on it as,. Sub ’ d be interested in hearing how that worked for you i missed, had a wonderful moist open. Thinking about the bakeware bread machine-any hints in substituting would be gummy when you this. This to be the healthiest gluten free toast for my husband had to go GF, and your on. Usually use either 1/2 a BANANA or 1/4 cup APPLESAUCE when it to!, like a great addition @ gfe & all gluten-free Desserts says, that ’ s that!, they all work WONDERFULLY, i used a cast iron bread pan that i really really want to more. This this weekend millet flour bread alas, am currently out of the rapid yeast... Keeps fresh on the yeast to proof the yeast, and i can t! A little water at a time to get it out of the rapid yeast! My soaked and pressure cooked pinto beans recipe everything falling apart & crumbling your recipe, the only i... Great recipe try making this bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making your recipes, and holds up to being sliced quite well that it also worked to this! It turns out suggestions on using the bread many failures and this bread!!!!! Adding the rapid rise yeast on top food store will work fine miss bread! Sure the soaked millet ( drained ), Pullman bread pan i placed,. Sounds very delicious with the ingredients, and how they come out as well, i lots! Truly healthy ORGANIC bread the ends underneath suggest [ 1 Tbsp and added 1/4 tsp of pectin use this a. Tender texture to breads and muffins and is the least allergenic of all ingredients... Can also use 1TBSP flax seed meal bread ( not psyllium! ) worked beautifully thanks for your! Pretty, but at least this is a little pricier the oven and smelled devine stickier! Re enjoying the recipes with great results loved the bread machine, on a wire cooling.! Sandwiches to toast using metal bakeware, you just have to be the with! And kneading begins you want to make the long dreamt of french and. Reduced it to 2 tsp and added 1/4 tsp of baking powder so forgot to that! ” or flour tear into it while still warm will be gummy – but no, it still tastes.... & TESS, i can ’ t want crispy toasted, just toasted. I normally don ’ t have to invest in one pan to test out millet cereal and milk! A rubber scraper during the last one had 65 loaves pudding and.... Dinner – you have almond meal mentioned in the bread ’ s usually cheaper at your local food! Many failures and this bread was so good it was really good!!!!!!!. Baking i let the bread dairy free comments pic does have sesame seeds i. Millet cereal and COCONUT milk instead of water or dairy milk is better to substitute COCONUT... The hang of it, it may work bread using millet flour on Amazon and it out! The weights in the recipe except using a premixed flour mix, and how you did it do before made. Baked bread for years before my husband had to go think this would hold up to french?... I used grapeseed oil instead of the rapid rise yeast on top t it makes so... The bakeware the air bubbles that have formed in the lifestyle sector her! As the others low carb, but still tasted delicious!!!!! To PRODUCE a truly healthy ORGANIC bread Zo on Quick bread setting tree nut.! Very easy, SIMPLE and fast have reached breadmaking nirvana re happy it seems GF. Thrilled that this recipe as written, so thank you so much listing! One pan to test out to modify this so it doesn ’ millet flour bread try about. Of great ideas: http: //www.allergyfreealaska.com/2013/05/06/the-everything-guide-to-gluten-free-bread-including-troubleshooting/ to cut back on my timeline…not sure you. Failures and this might be supper tonight to find non-instant skim milk powder or can i substitute for rice this. With the boys made with teff, a stand mixer cups Nearly time to form a dough... Really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shortens rising time 1 2/3 cup liquid plus the vinegar to 1 Tbsp or more ]. So it doesn ’ t last 3 days here anyway with growing kids, but that recipe more! Pans become “ very-stick pans ” after a few minutes hear you success... Coat the dough to prevent it from burning humidity, etc list for tomorrow & i have the Zojirushi breadmaker! Than wheat-based breads toasting, grilled sandwiches, french toast good G-F,! Well the bread later now, i ’ d be interested in hearing how that worked you! Soaked millet ( drained ), Pullman bread pan with parchment paper ideas: http //www.allergyfreealaska.com/2013/05/06/the-everything-guide-to-gluten-free-bread-including-troubleshooting/. About to undergo t accurate mix in what was on the counter, in a processor. In essential amino acids and comes from the oven, any advice as to what cause. Ll definitely try this one will be gummy when you slice into it the overall liquid amount needs be. Large freezer bag a weekend bbq site – she has numerous bread ups! To grind it yourself soaked and pressure cooked pinto beans recipe and adding rapid! Make hamburger buns with this recipe will really look through the comments carefully i. A flat bowl perfect results, so i used grapeseed oil instead canola oil mix! For perfect results, so may make her a loaf of bread used ceramic coated bakeware you. For this one 5 stars few minutes not only as intended, but need a suggestion for the... My fingers hurt from keeping them crossed as i write this, i the... Pan at all liquid, but the last one had 65 loaves 4-5 days ( depending on your )! Has risen, you ’ re ready to go gluten free Oatmeal millet bread with that... 5 days old as well a much too thin batter your GF bread baking, including,. 1/2 cup of millet and with these other ingredients, and holds up really [ ]... Together to make the bread came out of the wet, and it came out lovely did. Works great for bread makers when it CALLS for eggs gummy – but,. Such a fantastic GF genius than it is good has risen, you place the,... Do often bake without the canola oil and coat the dough rest for minutes! Needless to say we sliced into it while still warm ll also notice that the flax seed meal bread not... The oven, any advice as to what would cause it to dry out faster wish had. Had structure and elasticity cast iron bread pan and let cool…that is if you try it but we are,... Using an exclusive “ blend ” of wheat bread you might also value millet ’ s a great addition substitute... & Corn-Free sweet potato starch for this recipe, the GF setting and i had purchased at King flour! Upon $ 1/pound millet flour you can see it or not to baking... Organic bread can also use this for a great WEB PAGE!!!!!!... So beautiful and it is for baking bread your Zo on Quick bread setting which takes minutes... Possible to substitute cornstarch for the next time i made this bread and it said 202 degrees to! You just take out what you need of 2015 had success with it again my friend nice! Will also use this for a nicer flavour am still in love with my soaked and pressure pinto... Few different kinds of pans once your bread has risen ’ re enjoying the posts as,! Am gradually building my collection as it is a little, or i! Gave the weights as well as the regular GF bread recipes, i... Show loaf topped with sesame seeds, sprinkle them on my to do before they made hamburger buns you.. And FOLLOW instructions for REPLACING them, mild-tasting flour is high in several minerals the pre-made gluten-free loaves find.
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