. Learn how to create and customize your own hot tea latte beverage made in just five minutes! We will feature the winner’s recipe on the blog & give you a coupon for any Real Mushroom product of your choice! A digital thermometer helps to gauge the temperature of the water, or you can keep an eye on how rapidly the bubbles break the surface when it’s being heated to make a prediction. Here are some essential tips to make an amazing tea latte: Tea Selection. Common questions about making a chai tea latte What is a chai latte made of? Chamomile or other herbal teas would be very relaxing, and it’s nice to have a decaf option. This post may contain affiliate links. Allow the tea bags to steep in the water and spices for 5 minutes. A tea latte is a drink made with tea and steamed or frothed milk. Authentic Chai. It's my new favorite Chai recipe This will yield a concentrated tea for the lattes. Turn off the heat and place two black tea bags into the heated almond milk. Heat the milk to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (measure … I’ve got a pleasant five-minute tea latte drink that is just the right solution to help you find a little zen. Any kind of tea can be used to make a tea latte. } You can take your tea bar to the next level with delicious additions and toppings. This is especially a fun recipe idea when you have guests over so they can create and customize their own hot beverage. To learn more, you can read our article which highlights the top 7 benefits of the main medicinal mushrooms. Making the Chai. A chai tea latte usually contains added sugar and, depending on how you make it, can include a cream or sweetener and non-traditional spices that give it its super sweet taste. First, prepare the chai tea. Oolong teas need a medium boil at 180 to 190°F. In fact, the unique components of Chaga actually help to improve the number of your beneficial gut bugs, while limiting the number of pathogenic ones. soy, almond, cashew, coconut or rice milk. Let’s get back to the good ole’ days and create a fun grown-up version! In other words, a dirty chai latte contains both tea and coffee! Chai, rooibos, black tea, chamomile, green, loose-leaf or 4 teaspoons matcha powder or your favorite tea variety. These different mushroom extracts can easily be added to whatever you’re cooking up in the kitchen. Here are some essential tips to make an amazing tea latte: Any tea can be used like loose-leaf, portioned bags, or powders like matcha. (Source: www.twoleavestea.com). Using one tea bag per person, add freshly boiled water and infuse for 3–5 minutes. After 3-5 minutes, remove the teabags.*. How would you go about that? *Disclaimer: The statements made in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Bring filtered water to a boil, add in tea bags and reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes. } Warm milk in a medium-sized sauce pan, you want the milk near boiling but not rapidly boiling. Real Mushrooms is the premier provider of organic mushroom extracts, verified for the beneficial medicinal compounds like beta-glucans and free from starchy fillers like grains. You can use any milk you like; it’s nice to have a dairy-free option available like almond, cashew, soy or coconut milk for guests. To optimize the flavor or your tea, it’s helpful to understand what steep temperature to use for different teas. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I love hot beverages made with a variety of dairy and nondairy milk. How do you make a chai tea latte? For my version, you just need 3 simple ingredients and about 10 minutes. Place the teabags and spices in a small pan, and add the water. After 5 minutes, toss the tea bag and stir in the sugar, honey and milk, heat until hot and then serve. Allow to steep for several minutes. You can change this for green tea, but the taste of your Chai Latte will be very different. https://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-a-chai-tea-latte-242520 I recently discovered all caffeinated things including chocolate are migraine triggers for me. //--> I believe authentic chai latte recipes let the tea and spices steep in the water and milk together but because chai is so versatile, I made it as a concentrate to be used however desired. Most chai tea bags will some variation of those spices in it so as long as you get that type of tea… Reserve 1/2 cup of chai tea for the latte. Add 2 tbsp of chai … Before mixing up this chai tea latte recipe choose a chai spice mixture and black tea. Strain tea or remove the bag… Then, pour 3 tablespoons of boiling water on top. I'm a culinary school graduate, cookbook author, and a mom who loves croissants! If you have a milk frother, you can use it to create foam for the lattes. Tea Latte Formula. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 10 minutes. But, the only caveat is, you have to actually slow down enough to appreciate the nourishment. Sweet, spicy, nourishing comfort. Thank you for sharing. When was the last time you had a tea party? Yes, this is an incredibly easy recipe that comes together in 5 minutes, but that just leaves more time for you to hit the pause button and enjoy drinking it. Sorry, you need Javascript on to email me. Add 4 Purecane™ Individual Packets to your concentrate to sweeten. A dirty chai tea latte is a normal chai tea latte plus espresso. Start by placing the chai tea bag in your favorite mug. This recipe is an alternative way of making a chai latte at home, usually people make them by using chai … Enjoy a glass for a moment of bliss or share a cup with others! Return to a slight boil (the goal is a hot liquid for steeping). ** For the iced version, let the brewed chai completely cool and pour over a glass of ice. else { Twelve tea bags can get a little hectic, so the easiest way to keep them all together is to tie them in a knot and use a wooden clothespin to pin the tea bags to the lip of the pot. This recipe is made with no weird preservatives, additives, or heavy doses of refined sugar that are often found in coffee shop Chai Lattes. if (key.indexOf(coded.charAt(i))==-1) { We used our DIY Chai Spices and two bags of Earl Grey tea (because it’s our favorite). For a bolder flavor, strongly flavored teas like chai, mate, rooibos or other black teas are recommended. ltr = (key.indexOf(coded.charAt(i))-shift+key.length) % key.length All the comforting taste of a Chai Latte, with health-boosting Chaga mushroom extract, in an easy 5-minute, dairy-free recipe. My passion is creating recipes and sharing the science behind cooking to help you gain confidence in the kitchen. This is my basic formula to make a tea latte: 2 teaspoons of tea … Invent your own recipe and share via insta @realmushrooms. Whether you’re looking for a moment of tranquility, need a little break from the chilly weather, or want to cozy up with your loved ones, make sure to whip up a comforting hot cup of tea! Besides acting as a prebiotic food source for your gut microbiome, the immense load of antioxidants in Chaga can further benefit your gut health. Do you love chai tea lattes and cupcakes? Then add it to 3/4 cup of heated milk. Other Ingredients & Recipe Notes.