Sell your items, cars, property to others in Isle Of Wight Travel ideas and destination guide for your next trip to Europe. 3 – Albert Monk and wife, Estell May. Almost the first peal was for the marriage of his daughter, followed a few months later for his funeral. Steephill Castle Stables, Built to a high specification, these properties provide an ideal location from which to enjoy the beaches … Craigie Lodge, Pearl’s refuge, Capital and Counties Bank, Ventnor, Woody Bay Cottages, Coastguard Station, St Lawrence In 1874, General Sir John Cheape of Old Park, granted a lease to the Admiralty, a plot of land containing two roods, together with a right of way, for the purpose of erecting a Coastguard Station, and supplying it thereafter, plus the right to remove goods seized from smugglers. It lies along the coastline beneath the village of St. Lawrence. Phone: 01983 840048, © Whitwell History 2021 - all rights reserved. Situated in the South East of the Isle of Wight, the village of St Lawrence is within walking distance of the Victorian-style coastal town of Ventnor. From Yarmouth ferry, A3054 to Totland, A3055 to Freshwater, A3055 to St. Lawrence. These two properties can be booked together to accommodate up to 18 guests. St. Lawrence was referred to in early history as St. Lawrence-under- Wath, which may have been an old word for "cliff". No. SKU: sir-richards-leica Category: Isle of Wight Tag: Ventnor Email: (function(){var ml="%fhmnoadsie04.urc",mi="94150<;15?716?325>8:=@53",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j